We have now passed the tipping point where brands need to think more like programmers.

From programming their content to programming their digital platforms.

We think of consumers as an audience that needs to be engaged and entertained, and the platforms as brand conduits.

We believe brands need a "Programming Strategy" to work with and connect their marketing, advertising, media, digital and social strategies.

In light of the technology changes that are taking place, understanding how to develop, produce and program creative content across all digital and social platforms is becoming a necessity for today's brand-driven companies.

At BPS, we program brands with smart strategic content that resonates with audiences by blending entertainment and marketing into one complete experience that helps build, maintain and monetize audiences for our clients.

We call this Brand Programming



It begins with establishing deep connections with viewers, knowing what they’re about and creating programming that meets them where they are.


We maintain the audience by being active and responsive to what’s happening, providing ongoing engagement and serialized content for viewers to connect with whenever they want.


We utilize our programming to monetize the audience by driving KPI's and bringing added value to the brand.

Purposeful Marketing

We also believe in marketing and brand programming that has the ability to not only raise a brand’s financial value through the products and services it provides, but raise it’s human value as well, by touching and moving people along the way.

For us, brand value needs to be measured by more than just sales and statistics, it should also reflect the value brands bring to people’s lives and the communities they live in.